7 Australian takeaways to buy your next meal

Australia is one of the best cities for foodies in the world due to the number of food joints that serve cuisines from all over the world. This country boasts of numerous takeaways in major cities. Whether you are in the mood for touring local restaurants or placing orders online from your home or hotel room, you will love the abundance of places to get your food and some of the best takeaways can be found online at EatNow. Being a foodie while enjoying the comforts of your home is definitely possible, here are some suggestions as to the best takeaways here are some:

La Romana Pizza Bar Newton

For those who love traditional Italian pizza, there’s no better place to buy your food than this takeaway which is really popular among visitors. For pizza junkies, this place is a must; they serve traditional Italian handmade pizza. Aside from capturing the authentic Italian pizza taste, the pizza from this place also features loads of toppings. The meal deals in this place are quite numerous and you will relish the thought of stopping by or ordering a pizza.

Quan Ngon

If you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, there’s no other choice than this joint in Main North Road in Pooraka. You have a lot of options especially when you love the dishes offered in the place. If you are looking for the best menu items, you should try satay skewers and a meal of spring rolls.


This Portuguese takeaway prides itself from being a chicken shack but this place is not limited to that. Of course, the chicken is spicy and really tasty and the sauce is organic and all natural. Some people find this place a bit pricey but given the quality of the food in the place, you will find that the rates are totally worth it. Plus, vegetarians will find something to order from this takeaway.

Salad King Pty

When you are in the mood for something which is out of the ordinary and you have no idea as to the best dish to munch on, then this place in Perth is definitely a great choice. This is actually a hidden gem in St Georges Terrace’s food court. You can find a lot of healthy options in this place from lasagna to crepes to tuna patties and salads. Unfortunately, you might be stuck on a line especially during the lunch hour which is from 12 noon to 1 pm.

Arda Turkish Cuisine

This restaurant which is located in Glenhuntly Road is definitely one of the places that you should try especially when you have a fondness for Turkish cuisine. Kebab lovers would delight on all the items which are displayed on the menu. Aside from their Turkish delights, there are also various meals and pizzas which are offered in this takeaway.

Thali India

When you are looking for reasonably priced meals under Indian cuisine, this is just the place to drop by. Traditional quality food is great and the staff here is quite accommodating. You can choose among a wide array of dishes including salad, vegetable and meat curries as well as naan bread.

Sushi Jung

Another popular cuisine which has made a mark in many places around is Japanese cuisine. When you are in the mood for awesome Japanese food, this takeaway is an awesome place for sushi and it is also affordable. Aside from that, they have cool bento meals and lots of food choices which will bring out your craving for authentic Japanese cuisine.

Takeaways are really popular in Australia and you should find the time to explore the food joints in the country. Even if you elect to be a home buddy and just order your meals for takeaway, you will surely love the variety of cuisines offered in Australia’s almost innumerable takeaways.

Photograph by mayeesherr

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