A great night out for a foodie

Most the products we offer on Foodie Presents are perfect when you are looking for something a little different but useful for the foodie in your life, but what about taking your foodie friend for a night out?

Pop Up restaurants have sprung up in recent years, offering inventive chefs new places to try out their dishes without the overheads of a restaurant. Grabbing some street food from one of these vendors may not make a night out, but popping along to events like Street Feast offer a night market with a great variety of food and drink on offer – meaning that you can wonder around and try a little of everything for about the same price as a sit-down dinner at a posh restaurant.

It’s important to never just focus on a single passion though, so after hitting some street food, why not go for something more traditionally cultural like the theatre or a late night opening at one of the museums – the Science Museum’s late night is particularly good! Or maybe even hit a casino, with everyone having learnt the rules to poker and blackjack from online sites like LuckyNuggetCasino.com, turning up to one of the more glamorous night clubs or casinos with shows could end the night in style.

Whilst there, a few cocktails, and some experimenting with some new gins, whiskys, and rums can finish the night off in style. Every city has some good cocktail bars, but try to find one that specialises in a particular spirit and knows everything about it. Whisky bars have recently gone through a resurgence with many throwing off their stuffy, traditional image, but why not try a Caribean rum bar, or a gin bar that produces their own speciality blends? You might not think that a sprig of rosemary would make a gin and tonic, but I promise you it can!

Photograph by Gary Stevens

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