From the start I’ve been a food lover. I may be a 20-something with a law degree and working in music and digital media but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a passion for food.

I was brought up with good home cooking from my Mum who still bakes me a cracking chocolate cake every birthday, and also some food love from others around me. My ex-farmer grandparents grew a good portion of their own veg, and I have very fond memories of brewing elderflower wine from a tender age.And then there was the sloe gin that was always in good supply when a got a little older to enjoy it.

I’m an enthusiastic cook and always enjoy experimenting, both after hitting the food markets for a full on feast with friends, or rummaging in the fridge and cupboards for a quick budget conscious treat. I’m lucky enough to have surrounded myself with a good few friends of a similar persuasion both whilst living in Edinburgh and now down in London, with a couple starting up food startups.

This site is all about the amazing things you can find around the UK and beyond both for cooking with yourself, and for passing to others that share your passion. I’ll be listing ingredients, tools and products that myself or friends have and love, or we think we’d love if we had the disposable income for it. In the interest of full disclosure, some of things I write about will use affiliate links to a few shops that will earn me a small commission if you purchase that item there. You won’t pay any more and the commission the shop isn’t much, but will hopefully chip in to the cost of some good coffees and olive oil. My thoughts are not for sale, and whilst I will try things sent to me for reasons of curiosity – I will only write about the foodie things I personally love (or want to love but can’t afford).

If you’re curious about anything I discuss, or just want to get n touch, you can do so here or you can do so via Twitter.

I also edit the influential music blog The Blue Walrus, music technology hub AudioMelody andtechnology blog TechFruit, consult in digital advertising, and am the founder of UK-focused hand-curated newspaper The Descrier.

The image of olives and chillies on the frontpage is of a market in Antwerp, Belgium and taken by Kim Schotanus