Four of the best places to find healthy and wholesome recipes online

People have been sharing recipes online for about as long as the internet has been existence, with early newsgroup users sharing their favourites on all the way back in 1993. Not all recipes are created equal, however, so here are our top six places to find healthy and wholesome recipes online:

BBC Good Food

The BBC has broadcast a wide variety of cooking shows over the years, and also publishes the UK’s best selling cookery magazine. So it has a huge library of recipes created by some of the UK best chefs available to browse for free online. Whether you are looking for a specific recipe or just some inspiration for your next dinner party, BBC Good Food should always be one of your first points of call.


Cooking may be most fun when you have a bit more money in your pocket and can buy all your ingredients from local producers at the farmers’ market, but sometimes our budgets are more lean, and BudgetBytes is on hand to offer recipe ideas for those on a shoestring budget. A small budget is no excuse for not buying healthy ingredients and cooking well.


Food52 was founded in 2009 by Brooklyn food writers Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs to publish a cookbook of recipes submitted online by home cooks, but soon evolved into something much bigger – a community of cooks. Built around recipe competitions, where users vote for their favourites and prizes given for the most popular, Food52 has some of the most inventive recipes of any site.


Independent bloggers offer some of the most personal recipes available online, and they tend to focus on a specific cuisine, giving more depth than you would find in most cookbooks. Some personal favourites include Homesick Texan, Smitten Kitchen, and Tartelette.

Photograph by Dominic Lockyer

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