Online tips to improve your international cooking

If you’re a food junkie, then you probably love international cuisine. Maybe you have been trying to cook with more variety or adding more complex recipes to your arsenal to impress your lover, your friends, your parents, or even yourself. There are many cooking books in english that translate many many recipes and their respective ingredients etc, but it will never be the same as reading it in their original language and thus grasping the real sense of the art of cooking. You have to see it like that, like a sublime art. It’s like instead of painting with ultramarine, you choose to paint with “blue outremer”.

Blogs & books

Let’s be honest, and maybe a bit snobbish, but to prepare French cuisine you need to prepare it in French…well maybe not, but it sure is cool. There are many good french cook blogs out there where you can get tips and advice right from the locals. For example, Marmiton has around 67,000 recipes to choose from. The same goes for Italian cuisine; the blog “Il Giornale del Cibo” is an excellent source for anything related to “cucina italiana.” It also has a youtube channel  where you can take many lessons and enjoy your learning whilst watching, which is very interactive and a great opportunity to learn Italian.

Technology is your friend

As we have mentioned, learning the language of the type of cuisine you want to learn will be a great way to both complement and enjoy it. There are many tools online to learn languages such as Duolingo or Babbel, where you can maybe find the words you are looking for or a specific section. There are also interesting tools such as Verbling, where you can actually select local French teachers or Italian teachers, with whom you might even discuss the recipes and actually get real feedback from the culture where you are learning from.

Take an online cooking class

If you prefer not to move and you would rather stay home, or simply don’t have the time to go hopping through Europe and Asia learning how to really cook the dishes in the traditional way, there’s always the option to do it while standing besides the heat of your own stove. There are some great websites that offer online classes such as “Atelier des Chefs” or “La Scuola de la Cucina Italiana”. Online cooking classes have many added benefits because they are able to have a structured teaching program where you can go step-by-step and gradually get more confident in your new acquired abilities.

Photograph by Skitterphoto